Is BP Going for Greenwash Gold at London 2012?

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There are some serious contenders for greenwash gold, per Greenwash Gold 2012. This is a campaign that has been developed by three organisations – London Mining Network, Bhopal Medical Appeal and UK Tar Sands Network to bring companies with notorious backgrounds into the limelight at the London Olympics 2012.  Many corporations use big events like the Olympic Games to portray a feel-good company but what are they hiding? How can we turn this huge platform against them?

The Greenwash Gold 2012 campaign started because some things did not make sense with the London 2012 Olympic games. Touted as the greenest games ever, BP brand is splashed everywhere. Not only that, BP is the official “Sustainability Partner” What does this reek of? Greenwash! The campaign has identified two other big players – Dow Chemicals and mining giant Rio  Tinto, with the highest negative impact.

The campaign asks,

“Which dodgy company most deserves the Greenwash Gold medal in 2012? Who is covering up the most environmental destruction and devastating the most communities while pretending to be a good corporate citizen by sponsoring the Olympic games?”

With so many controversial companies providing sponsorship, it’s a pretty tough call to make, but Greenwash Gold has shortlisted three and are enlisting your help to choose who gets the dishonor. Watch the three short animations on Dow, BP and Rio Tinto and cast your vote as to who you think should receive the Greenwash Gold Medal.

Devastating the Gulf of Mexico. Digging up dirty oil in the tar sands. Keeping the world addicted to fossil fuels and making climate catastrophe inevitable. Yet BP is the London 2012 ‘Sustainability Partner’

Mining giant Rio Tinto is providing metals for the 2012 Olympic medals from mines in USA and Mongolia,producing deadly air pollution in Utah likely to endanger scarce water sources in the Gobi desert. It’s scandalous that athletes will be presented medals tainted with injustice, environmental pollution and deadly health impacts.

Sheltering a fugitive corporation from justice. A corporation it happily merged with that is wanted, on CRIMINAL charges, for the culpable homicide of 25,000 people in the world’s worst industrial disaster in Bhopal, India. Just one of the reasons why the Dow Chemical Company are not living up to the ideals of  the games.

The Greenwash Gold 2012 campaign pointed out that pretty much every sponsor of the Olympic – EDF, Adidas, Coca Cola, Atos, BT, G4S – has a terrible social and environmental track record, and awarding gold to one of three highlighted sponsors is almost an arbitrary exercise.

The ONLY reason such corporations bother to sponsor the Olympics (instead of spending their money cleaning up affected sites or investing in the environmental and social health of the communities they work in) is to divert the public’s attention away from their destructive practices – for example

BP is bankrolling educational and cultural initiatives, providing fuel for the Games, and sponsoring many athletes. The Olympics are the perfect vehicle for BP to try to convince the public that it is a good corporate citizen, playing an important social and environmental role.

Vote now! The winner (or loser) will be announced on July 27, 2012, the opening of the games.

Can we let these corporations stand for the spirit of the games?

Image via The Greenwash Gold 2012 campaign


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