Crowdfunding Platform: (IM)Permanence Film, Global Solutions For Perennial Living

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Campaign Name: (IM)PERMANENCE film project

What is the campaign all about?  (IM)PERMANENCE film project features a young family’s epic journey around the globe, to travel 40 000 miles overland through 40 countries while creating a free online documentary series about all aspects of truly sustainable ways of living, farming and meeting our needs locally.  Seeking out people committed to being of benefit in their chosen field we are looking for living solutions that are relevant, replicable and scaleable across the planet.

Why is the project relevant?

  • Let’s support and create positive media!  With so many films and documentaries out there showing what’s gone wrong with the world, with our society, children, religion and more, it is our hope to offer up a dose of inspiration and a positive, solutions-oriented message for all ages, and all places on the political and religious spectrum; It’s a resource for everyone.
  • Engaged ongoing learning With regular documentaries uploaded along the journey you can stay engaged with inspiring, practical and revolutionary solutions to meeting our ever expanding populations needs in a way that respects all Beings and sets us up for perennial, regenerative living!
  • Turn people onto positive world change! There are still billions of people on this Earth that need to be turned onto more conscious and engaged ways of living and participating in their communities!  One of the goals of the project is to engage and excite people new to this field of exploration…

What does the campaign aim to do? We are looking to gather local and appropriate solutions – applicable and replicable anywhere in the world – to give individuals and communities their power back! The project seeks to educate and inspire about the joys and challenges of working together in our local communities to create regenerative ways of living.  Covering such diverse aspects that are relevent to all our lives, this series will produce free online film, blogs and articles for publication, as well as offer accredited courses and workshops along the trip.

Link to the project campaign page: Project costs are $22000 (US) which is very much the shoestring cost!  We have currently raised 61%, over $13000 and need to raise the rest to ensure onward travel past Europe.  The costs include all equipment, overland travel over 40000 miles and very basic living costs.  We have until June to generate the rest of the funds to ensure onward travel!  You can exchange a donation here

Final pitch: Information on new ways to approach all aspects of our lives is needed across the globe in this time of great transition and turning.  By producing high quality film along the way we can make accessible what we discover, even before the final edit is released! We love the fact that we can collaboratively change the way we interact, and crowd – sourcing the support for this film is a beautiful way to give random gifts to people just because we resonate with what they’re doing.

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