ioby: Crowdfunding Platform for Neighborhood Civic Leaders and Innovators

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Ioby uses a cutting edge, crowd-resourcing platform for neighborhood civic leaders and environmental innovators. On, anyone with a good idea that helps the environment and the community can create their own web-based micro-site to raise tax-deductible donations, find local volunteers and share innovations with a likeminded and local community. They support early stage environmental ideas in cities and connect them online for crowd-accelerated innovation.

What is ioby?

ioby (“in our backyards”) uses a micro-funding website to raise small donations from thousands of donors to fund local community and environmental initiatives, such as urban farms, classroom field trips, safe cycling improvements, community gardens, compost initiatives, urban chickening and beekeeping, parks conservation, water conservation, trash cleanups, and more.

At ioby, we believe that the answers to complex, global environmental problems are right here on the streets and sidewalks of New York City. ioby has funded over 100 citizen-led, citizen-funded and citizen-implemented environmental projects in all five boroughs.  The average donation is $35 and the average project budget is $1,200; most ioby micro-donors live within two miles of the project they are supporting.

Buy Local, Eat Local, Fund Local

ioby offers an informed step out environmentalism’s NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) history that pushes environmental hazards down the path of least resistance into low-income areas and communities of color. ioby builds an untapped funding source and by directing it to decentralized, community-based environmental projects, ioby supports communities with a larger share of environmental problems and fewer resources to confront them.

At ioby, folks believe in “Charity begins at home” or rather in your backyard. They focus on the community engagement to create a better block! ioby connects people to environmental projects in their own neighborhoods. It enables us to invest in change—then see (and live with) the return on our investment. How cool is that? I can crowdfund a project that is down the street from me and will affect my every day life for the better? Hell yes.

What makes ioby’s crowdfunding platform unique is that they go the extra mile to ensure projects meet their goals.  They negotiate for vendor discounts and raise money for regular matching campaigns. In addition, their unique Flexible Finish policy helps you reach your goal on time when yo are close.

You can watch more videos of the projects here.

Bus Tour

Join ioby for a tour of citizen-led, crowd-funded projects in Brooklyn and Queens.  The ioby Brooklyn “Green Projects” Bus Tour will take you on location with ioby co-founder Erin Barnes to learn firsthand about NYC’s most exciting environmental initiatives directly from the project leaders who have used ioby to raise funds and put their vision for a better environment into action.

On this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to meet leaders who funded projects through ioby. They’ll share with you their vision and let you explore the sites and neighborhoods that they’ve impacted. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet these leaders in the NYC environmental civic movement. Tickets are free for members of the press and $20.00 for others.


Featured projects on the tour will include:

·       Velo City Bikesplorations teaches urban planning to underserved high school students by bike

·       Compost for Brooklyn has already diverted 50,000 pounds of organic food waste from the waste stream in Flatbush, Brooklyn

·       Don’t Flush Me is installing Internet-connected sensors in the NYC sewer system on the Gowanus canal to alert NYC residents when “not to flush” during CSO-events

·       596 Acres is a public awareness poster art campaign that supports community groups into using vacant lots for better use and assists them in turning rubble into rutabagas

·       Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service provides fresh affordable food and providing employment opportunities for young adults

·       Pollos del Pueblo is transforming an NYC Housing Preservation and Development lot in the low-income neighborhood of East New York/Cypress Hills into a community-run chicken farm

·       Compost-o-Rama is a compost and gardening project of the environmental education program at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dates: Sunday, April 15, 2012 or Tuesday, April 17, 2012 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Meet at the offices of Gregory White PR:

32 Court Street, Suite 1506

(Subway: Borough Hall/Court Street)

Brooklyn, NY 11201

RSVP: Please specify which date you prefer. RSVP to Elyse Genderson,, or Helen Gregory,, (718) 403-9473.


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