Crowdfunding Platform: Opensource Permaculture, Goal $15,000

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Campaign Name: Open Source Permaculture

What is the campaign all about?  The Open Source Permaculture campaign supports free, open access education to sustainable design. Permaculture is a school of design rooted in ecological ethics and principles. It can be used to design anything from a sustainable garden to green architecture.

What is Permaculture?: Permaculture is a visionary design methodology for creating sustainable, and thriving livelihoods, from ecological farms to urban landscapes. It is a promising path to creating sustainable communities, founded on a system of ethics emphasizing the importance of shared values among people. Permaculture ethics embrace care for the Earth, care for the people, and sharing the collective fruits of labor. As a gardening method, permaculture can also be called ‘natural farming’, as its techniques seek to emulate nature.

Why is the project relevant? Open Source Permaculture intends to become the most comprehensive multimedia resource of free, quality materials for Permaculture education. It would offer people all over the world the ability to easily learn sustainability skills on their own.

What does the campaign aim to do?: The current project includes the creation of an Open Source Permaculture Q&A website and wiki, as well as a free Urban Permaculture Guide eBook.

About the Founder: Sophia Novack, a self-described permaculture geek, is the founder of the crowdfunding campaign. For two years she has maintained the Permaculture Media Blog and Permaculture Directory, one of the web’s most comprehensive and free resources for Permaculture educational materials and course listings around the globe.

Link to the project campaign page:

Crowdfunding goal and the deadline: Goal- $15,000 before Monday April 16, 2012

Final pitch: What does your backyard look like right now? It has the potential to become a thriving edible garden, but only if you’ve got the right resources. If you had expert support at your fingertips, and free resources to teach you how to grow a sustainable backyard garden, why wouldn’t you? With Open Source Permaculture, you could have just the support you need to make that garden a reality. Who doesn’t want open source education on sustainable design? I’m all in.

Here is a video on Urban Permaculture-


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