Recyclebank Increases User Engagement Through Gaming Tools

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Recyclebank®, the company that rewards people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses, has selected Badgeville’s Behavior Platform and Social Fabric to add sophisticated gamification techniques and online social experiences to enhance the online experience for its members, while increasing user engagement.

A pioneer in combining gaming mechanics with environmental good, Recyclebank has been recognized for using gamification to initiate changes in consumer behavior to help create a more sustainable future.

Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville says,

“It is rewarding to see the Badgeville Behavior Platform supporting one of the world’s leading social good programs to scale its gamification programs to motivate positive behavior.”

Ecopreneurist interviewed Adena DeMonte, Director of Marketing at Badgeville:

Gamification and Recycle Bank… how did the two come together?
Recyclebank, already a pioneer in using gamification techniques for green behaviors and sustainability, wanted to expand its successful program with social rewards and other social gamification experiences. That’s when Recyclebank sought out a partner to support its plans to add social rewards experiences to its web community. In addition to rewards, Badgeville’s Social Fabric will enable Recyclebank to add engagement functionality common to social networks, like real-time activity streams, notifications, and following.

Tell us more about Behavior Platform and Social Fabric?

Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, the gold standard for gamification, provides the world’s most sophisticated and flexible suite of SaaS solutions to measure and influence user behavior. Over 100 clients rely on Badgeville’s Behavior Platform to increase loyalty, conversions, lifetime user value, engagement and productivity in customer- and employee-facing web and mobile experiences. The Behavior Platform tracks user behavior including sophisticated, contextual metadata around these behaviors. For instance, if a user leaves a comment on an article about a particular topic and shares that article, you can offer a reward for these three behaviors. Social Fabric takes all the behaviors you are tracking in your community and surfaces them in a way that you would typically experience on a social network. This infuses any online experience with a live, social community, based on the behaviors that matter in that specific community.

How can this increase and sustain responsible behavior?

Gamification is designed to encourage behaviors your audience already wants to take, but may or may not be motivated to perform. For instance, we have many customers in the health & wellness industry, where tracking ongoing behavior and providing rewards for these behaviors, such as working out and eating healthy, increases these key user activities on average 20 percent or more. There are many people who care about sustainability and performing green behaviors, but without a system in place to reward these behaviors, we are less likely to continue performing green actions. If you know performing the behavior will earn you points and other rewards, you are more likely to perform this behavior.

In the case of Recyclebank, the company is already successfully doing this by partnering with businesses to offer tangible rewards for recycling and other green actions. By adding in a social rewards layer to that experience, users will be able to earn fun rewards and status at more regular intervals, and this increases their engagement and participation by performing specific responsible behaviors. This can also be used to increase awareness about sustainability and how to be green, rewarding behaviors such as sharing links to informative articles, watching informational videos, and even signing petitions and donating to causes.

We are working with numerous companies with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and the environment, and are very excited that our technology can encourage sustainability and responsible behavior across our customer’s audiences.


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