Benefits of Buying Recycled Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges For Your Business

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In today’s world, keeping eco-friendly practices in mind, there are various ways to reduce the waste of many products; like purchasing items that are made from recycled materials. Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are a great example of a commonly expensive, but very necessary product, that has gone through a recycling process to be resold to consumers.

Description of Recycled Printer Ink

These ink cartridges are made from used cartridges that have been recycled and reprocessed by third-party printer ink industry professionals, and are then resold to consumers for use with a variety of printers. Such printer ink must fulfill specific quality guidelines, and undergo a detailed remanufacturing process.

Process of Recycling

The process of recycling is simple, and involves the collection of empty cartridges that are sent to an industrial unit to be disassembled and inspected. These cartridges are then carefully and completely cleaned, and defective parts are replaced. The next step is filling the cartridges with new professional quality ink, and finally the ink cartridge is tested to make sure it works properly with a variety of printers.

Advantages of Recycled Ink

– Less Expensive

Companies that offer recycled products are able to set their own prices, and such recycled ink cartridges generally cost up to 70 percent less than name-brand new ink cartridges. Many companies that sell these products also provide credit for used cartridges to save consumers even more money.

– Environmentally Friendly

Recycled ink cartridges reduce the amount of waste by using recycled materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and rubber. They protect the environment from harmful chemicals from non-biodegradable materials that sit for long time periods in landfills. It also takes significantly less energy to produce recycled products over new items.

– Result in Longer Printing Capacity

Many new name-brand ink cartridges are not completely full when consumers buy them, which results in the ink running out at a faster pace. Various remanufacturers fill recycled cartridges to the maximum capacity, and may provide consumers with double the amount of pages printed for one cartridge! You can increase the amount of prints by trying out compatible toner cartridges in place of their lower yield counterpart ink cartridges.

– Comes With A Guarantee

Various companies that sell recycled printer ink cartridges offer a guarantee on the quality of the product, and will even refunds or replacements in case a flawed cartridge manages to slip through inspection. The products go through a detailed process to make sure they are reproduced properly, and must each meet strict requirements prior to packaging.

– Widely Available

Many companies and online retailers sell a variety of recycled printer ink products, and are able to maintain massive inventories of cartridges by dealing directly with re-manufacturers.

How to Select Quality Recycled Ink Cartridges?

When searching for remanufactured products, it is important to find retailers that only use professional quality ink, because lower grade ink can damage printer cartridges and printers themselves. It is also necessary to do some research and compare prices. Recycled ink cartridges that cost much less than the standard price of other products are most likely of lower quality. Good retailers should provide a guarantee or warranty and have a worry-free return policy.

To keep the process of recycling printer ink cartridges going, it is important to actively donate your empty ink cartridges, and there are many recycling programs out there to choose from. Some programs only accept name brand cartridges, while others accept any type of empty ink cartridge. The amount of money you are paid will be based on the type of printer cartridge, model, brand of printer, and the company’s established rates. An important aspect to remember is the empty printer cartridges must be in great condition with no cracks or damage to any part of the cartridge.

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