A Greener Life Could Make You Richer

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This guest post is written by Mark Boethe, Commercial Executive at uSwitch. 

Money and the environment. You may think that one kind of green has absolutely nothing to do with the other, but that’s not entirely true. The very premise of greener living (and in your case, greener working) is to find a way to accomplish tasks more efficiently and to cut waste. Coincidentally, this is exactly the kind of thinking that could be saving you money as an entrepreneur.

Are you wondering how going green can keep you in the black? From utilising fuel comparison sites to giving your employees a much-needed break, read ahead for some tried and true green changes you can make to your business today.

Go paperless. This is one of the easiest, most popular, and most effective ways to go green. Not only does going paperless save you money on toner, paper, and the power it costs to run a printer, but it also makes your work place more efficient. Office software such as Inbit Messenger or SameTime instant messenger can allow you to easily share electronic documents and save the time that you would ordinarily waste printing out those pages and meeting in person to exchange them.

Get the most from your electricity. All electricity is not created equally, and you may be able to get more bang for your buck if you switch to a greener supplier. Electricity created by burning fossil fuels is becoming more expensive, and changes in the market are becoming more erratic. If you take some time to compare energy prices for competitive providers, you could come out with a cleaner, cheaper supplier.

Break your bottle addiction. Bottled water, that is. This popular way of hydrating has become an expensive habit for most Americans, which means that you probably offer some form of bottled water in your workplace. Spring for a tap filter instead, and you will not only save money but also preserve the health of your employees since water in stored bottles sometimes contains traces of harmful chemicals from the plastic used to make them.

Be conservative. Along with lowering the price that you pay for electricity, you should also engage in some cost-saving measures aimed at reducing the amount of energy used in the workplace. If you work with computers, put each unit on a power strip along with any corresponding equipment such as printers, monitors, and fax machines. This will make it easier to completely shut down all equipment at once and avoid losing power from standby loads.

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle for employees. In the same way that you invest in health insurance for your employees, you can invest in creating a healthier environment for them, too. Small changes such as using natural, non-chemical cleaners in the office, providing organic snacks, and making use of natural sunlight instead of artificial lighting when possible will help your employees stay healthy. As a result, they will become more productive members of the workforce and possibly take less time off due to illness.

Schedule work-from-home days. Your employees will surely thank you for this one. Working from home can be more productive for some workers because they are forced to set a time limit to accomplish all of the goals on their to-do list. The faster they get done, the faster they can move on to something else. This practice can also save fuel since employees don’t have to commute to work as well as electricity costs for the work place, which will benefit you as a business owner.

What other green initiatives can you think of as an ecopreneur?


This post was made possible by uSwitch a free, impartial online and telephone comparison and switching service that helps you to compare prices on a range of products and services – including gas & electricity, heating cover, home phone, communications, insurance and personal finance products.


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