Clorox Launches Mobile App That Reveals Ingredients in its Products

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The Clorox Company last week launched its new Ingredients Inside smart phone application and mobile website. Now smart phone users have immediate access to information about Clorox ingredients for their household and commercial disinfecting, cleaning and laundry products in the U.S. and Canada. Next Step? Explain how the ingredients affect planet and human health.

Today’s shopper is well-connected, more than ever. Smart-phones are changing the way we purchase – from creating shopping lists on our phones to comparing prices through cellphone apps, we are using our phones more than ever while we shop.

Clorox is launching a smart phone application that will help shoppers know what goes into their cleaning supplies. Clorox is offering the app initially to iPhone® users, enabling them to scan a product UPC code and be taken instantly to that product’s ingredient listing. In addition, a new mobile website, which is available for all mobile platforms, gives easier, on-the-go access to the company’s Ingredients Inside program by offering content and functionality optimized for mobile device use.

Clorox Chairman & CEO Don Knauss said,

“Mobile computing is triggering a shift in how consumers access information to make purchasing decisions. Our new product ingredient tools will help consumers make informed choices about our products anytime, anywhere.”

The Clorox Company was the first major consumer packaged goods company to launch a product ingredient communication program in North America. In January 2009, the company began listing ingredients of its household and commercial cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products in the U.S. and Canada on its corporate website.

According to a recent Nielsen Mobile Media report, 44 percent of all Americans own a smart phone, and 49 percent of mobile consumers say they frequently use their smartphones while shopping. In a recent Clorox survey*, 62 percent of Americans believe it’s important to know what goes into their household cleaning products, and 60 percent who own smartphones say a mobile app would make them more likely to read a household cleaning product’s ingredient information.

But Is Listing Ingredients Enough?

The Ingredients Inside is a great communications initiative by Clorox, that has steadily been improving on ingredient disclosure since 2008, but what about the disclosure on what those ingredients really mean and its effects on human and planet health? That would be a great next step in corporate social responsibility and transparency.

The free application can be found in the iPhone App Store by typing in “Clorox ingredients.” The Ingredients Inside app will be available for other mobile devices soon.


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