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Capturing Sunlight in a Bulb to Eliminate Kerosene for Lighting

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Solar light bulb


It is estimated that almost 1.6 billion people on this planet live without electricity. That means to have any kind of light in the darkness (12 hours of darkness in countries near the equator), toxic fuels such as kerosene are used to fuel lanterns for reading or cooking. While they provide much needed light, they also pollute habitats and endanger the health of those living inside.

Because of this electricity inequality, Denver inventor Stephen Katsaros appropriately named the solar light he developed Nokero – short for “no kerosene.” The solar battery powered LED-type solar-powered bulb measures 70mm by 125mm and emits light for two to four hours, depending on the charge.

Such a clean, low-cost technology might eventually make lighting fuel like kerosene obsolete. Nokero states that 5%  of the average user’s income is spent of fuel for lighting. The price of a Nokero bulb and charger package is $15.

The story about this innovation has been featured on National Geographic and Denver television station, KCNC-4, among other media outlets.

The bulb is currently manufactured in Hong Kong, under the business heading, Nokero International, LTD. The company’s website claims that this manufacturing base allows the company to deliver the world’s only solar-powered light bulb at a quality and price point that can not be met by traditional manufacturers / distributors.

Nokero writes that its vision is to provide solar light bulbs to replace kerosene lanterns used throughout the world:

“We work with dealers,  non-governmental organizations (NGO), donors, and proactive groups around the world to make this vision a reality.”

Perhaps kerosene will one day live only in the history books?

Photo: Nokero
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