Corporations Can Legally Dump Toxic Waste in Fertilizers

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Why would anyone choose organic gardening? Besides being a lot healthier, it is a whole lot cheaper than the alternative. Unfortunately there are a handful of very powerful multi national corporations that don’t want you to know that and they have politicians on both sides in their pocket. Now why is that so important to them?

It has been proven and well documented since the early 1900’s that plant diseases and insect infestations are practically eliminated whenever organic gardening and farming methods are put into use. Furthermore people who eat food that has been cultivated in this manner are far less prone to disease and sickness as those who don’t. (Source: “An Agricultural Testament” by Sir Albert Howard, Other India Press 1940).

Through the use of green manuring and composting there is little need of other amendments required for fertilization of your garden. Once your garden or farm has been successfully converted to organic principles and humates along with mycorrhizal populations ans soil microbes have been restored to the soil, there is no longer a dependency on having to purchase fertilizers in order to grow.

Powerful Multi-Nationals Want you to Depend on Fertilizers. Why?

Their goal is to keep you ignorant and enslaved to having to repurchase their seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. In spite of the fact that it is destroying our environment, altering our DNA and propagating and even creating new disease.

The fact that organic farming is a threat to their well being which is why they are busy pursuing a multi-prong attack from suing organic farmers at every opportunity to lobbying for legislation that increase regulations and operating costs for commercial organic producers and family farms.

These corporations have successfully lobbied to legally “recycle” toxic waste that would normally cost them millions to dispose of. How do they recycle it? They put it in the fertilizer you use in your garden and lawns! The EPA has written the regulations making it perfectly legal while giving them exemption from having to list the ingredients on the packaging!

Before you write me off , Take a few minutes and enter the search phrase “Toxic Waste in Fertilizers” into your favorite search engine. After your head stops spinning and you start to process what you have learned first hand, go and get a copy of the book “Fateful Harvest” by Duff Wilson, Harper-Collins Publishers 2001. This is the true story Patty Martin, the courageous mayor of a Quincy, Washington that put herself and her family on the line to expose the deadly secret of the fertilizer companies. Then ask yourself, Why haven’t I ever heard of this?

Do you need any further reason to start your own organic garden?

The question you must ask however is the cumulative effects of repeated fertilization. These toxins have been used year after year in for crop fertilization, home gardens and by lawn care companies. You may very well be eating it, walking through it or otherwise exposed to these in your daily activities

Source Cited: Report by Matthew Shaffer, Toxics Policy Advocate CALPIRG Charitable Trust, The State PIRGs WASTE LANDS: THE THREAT OF TOXIC FERTILIZER 

For those in the Memphis area. Next time you hear “Lemme kill your weeds” you might want to ask yourself what else is being killed in the process?

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