Climate Change Casualty: No Maple Syrup by 2100?

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It is ironic to me that fighting climate change and employing sustainable energy sources is seen as a major hindrance to jobs and the economy, while there is more evidence every day that rising temperatures have the capability to wipe out entire industries and livelihood for millions. And who is giving us this false notion – politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups for Big Oil who obviously do not want alternatives to fossil fuels. Who do you think climate change affects the most? Small business owners and communities that depend on nature’s bountiful resources – like the tourism industry or fisheries. People like Martha Carlson.

A few years ago, Martha Carlson, a veteran maple farmer, began noticing subtle changes in her 60-acre “sugar bush” in Sandwich, New Hampshire: Maple sap was unusually dark, and leaves were falling too early, never having reached postcard New England color. Her sugar maples, some of them nearly 300 years old, were sick.

At 65, Martha now leads the crusade to save the New Hampshire sugar maples—and the multimillion dollar local syrup and tourism industries they provide—from disastrous climate change. And in the process she’s mobilizing a crack team of researchers: a group of elementary school kids.

The Climate Desk, a journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact of a climate change has produced this great video on Martha’s story

If the warming trend continues, sugar maples will be gone by 2100. And what happens when natural goodness like Martha’s maple syrup is no longer produced, unhealthy alternatives flood the market further polluting human and environmental health.

No one starts a business for the short-term and fighting climate change is insurance for your business. Natural resources are the backbone for our businesses and livelihood. Being environmentally responsible is not an option. It does end by just reducing your personal footprint but by demanding what is right from your elected representatives. Martha says, “We need lots of citizens to watch nature”. We need action. Do you want your grand kids and great grand kids to enjoy the same goodness you did? Do you want them to enjoy maple syrup with their pancakes?


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