KonaRed Energy Drinks Serves Up A Market For Coffee Bean Wastes

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coffee beanKonaRed is turning coffee bean wastes into a sports drink. This previously discarded fruit portion of the coffee plant is a whole new market now, providing coffee growers a shot in the arm and diverting waste.

KonaRed is the fruit of the commonly known coffee plant, sourced from Kona Coffee – grown only in the Kona district on the west side of the Big Island, Hawaii where it has developed over 175 years. These coffee plants thrive in the extraordinary combination of warm tropical sunshine, abundant mountain rainfall, and mineral-rich volcanic soil that is found solely in Kona, to create award-winning Kona coffees.

Diverting Waste

Before Kona Coffee emerges as a rich coffee bean and can make its way into coffee mugs, it has to be stripped off its skin. An estimated 40 million pounds of coffee fruit and skin gets tossed away annually in Hawaii. High labor costs make composting unviable for the coffee farmers. So when Shaun Roberts came along to buy this fruit, he was more than welcome. Roberts, co-founder of KonaRed has found a way to divert this byproduct of coffee production into a line of energy drinks. Farmers now can make money on a by-product they were paying to dispose off.

Why the Coffee Berry in an Energy Drink?

Shaun actually calls it “the next generation super-fruit” – KonaRed has an extraordinary level of nutrients and antioxidants that get absorbed at the cellular level and are known to help prevent disease, delay aging and provide a long-lasting mood boost. It’s the fruit of the coffee plant that surrounds, protects and nourishes the coffee bean.

The fruit is removed, dried and condensed into a liquid that is blend with other delicious fruits to create a beverage. KonaRed uses only the ripe red fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. The beverage is tart (like prune or pomegranate juice) and is also available in stick packets for on the go mixing with bottled water.

Shaun Roberts is proud that KonaRed is 100% traceable back to the coffee farms in Kona! Yup – it can be followed straight from the field to your bottle. He promotes the range of drinks through the waterman community – people who love the sea, surf and its bounty. Lets drink to that!

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