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Go Green On the Go with a Solar Powered Backpack

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Going green is big business these days, and it is about time the environment becomes the center of public conversation. It has never been easier to reduce your ecological footprint, and it doesn’t even require one to give up the technologies that we have come to love and rely on. We can leave our homes each morning, leaving our solar powered homes, and drive our all electric vehicles to our jobs. But we can take this a step farther still. We all know that public transportation, and human powered transportation are the “greenest” ways to travel. This often requires one to carry a larger bag to accommodate all their stuff, which would usually be housed in their car.

So, what if you could carry all your gear, and generate energy at the same time? Well, now you can with a solar powered backpack. These backpacks are outfitted with micro solar arrays that allow you to charge your laptops and other devices using solar power on-the-go. Not only does this mean you are using less electricity derived from polluting, non-renewable resources, you can do so without having to be plugged in. That lunch time walk can now serve double duty, allowing you to get exercise, while also charging up your tablet and Smart Phone.

Innovations such as these are really expanding the utility of alternative energy. The genius of this idea is that it is a multi-purpose tool. It is a backpack, which allows you to carry all your needed items, and it also serves as a mobile, green charging station. Voltaic, the maker of this backpack charging unit, also thought ahead. The solar array on this sturdy bag is removable, which allows you to use the charging station in other arenas as well.

Though there is still improvement to be made with this technology, it is a great example of how innovative and environmentally-oriented thinking can allow us to enjoy our standard of living, while reducing our impact on the environment. Going green does not mean “going backwards” as this backpack shoes. What it means is rethinking the way we interact with our environment, the way we use technology, and the creative ways we can come up with to extract renewable energy whenever we can. This technology is being employed in briefcases and other items as well, making this an accessible technology that has the potential for widespread appeal.

Image credit: Voltaic Systems

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