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EcoTensils Rethinks the Plastic Spoon with a Low-Impact Design

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Do you really need a utensil that you use for a couple of bites that when thrown away lasts forever, pollutes our oceans and fills up landfills? I can’t imagine anyone answering yes to that question. But the need for disposable plastics and utensils just does not seem to go away!

EcoTensil founder Peggy Cross, echoes this sentiment,

“One uses a plastic tasting spoon for a few seconds. It then continues to exist on this planet for hundreds or thousands of years. Considering we use millions of these things, in addition to other types of single-use plastic, it’s not sustainable or responsible. How will the next generations, namely, our children, look back at us and what we’ve left for them?”

Better Design, Less Waste, As Effective

Peggy set out to make a change by forging ahead with innovative solutions to end one-taste plastic waste. She founded EcoTensil, Inc., manufacturer of ultra-green, single-use, silky-smooth, paperboard spoons that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Benefits of EcoTensil cutlery-

  • EcoTensil products are recyclable and compost in 3-5 weeks.
  • They use lesser materials, have a lower carbon footprint and lower shipping and transportation impacts.
  • It’s made with sustainably forested paperboard.

Cross’s background in package design was instrumental in the development of EcoTensil products. As founder and director of a national brand package design company, her design and marketing insight allowed her to recognize EcoTaster’s keen relevance to this moment in time. She is also passionate about the dramatic improvements in function and aesthetic over those tiny plastic spoons, such as EcoTaster’s significantly larger spoon area for a more satisfying bite. This, and her deep concern for our environmental legacy, was the key to her founding EcoTensil.

EcoTensil in Action at Whole Foods

The obvious great design with lower impact has been noticed by eco-savvy giants like Whole Foods who are now using EcoTaster Mini for their food demos. Stonyfield, another highly regarded sustainability leader, maker of natural and organic yogurt, used more than 60,000 EcoTasters instead of plastic spoons during five days of tastings at the US Open.!

If major food expos and other spoon-intensive shows, could switch to a less intensive spoon, this could mean sparing landfills millions of plastic spoons. This would definitely make Peggy a very happy camper!

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