Think Inside the Box: The Conscious Box Helps Subscribers Vote with Dollars

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November Conscious Box

Jameson Morris, Jesse Richardson and Bjorn Borstelmann, all 20-something entrepreneurs sought to connect subscribers with small and large purpose-driven businesses working to make a difference on environmental and social levels. Thus the Conscious Box was born, the subscription service that delivers curated boxes filled with eco-friendly, fair trade, and organic goods right to subscribers’ doorsteps.

Every month, subscribers receive a variety of unique products from businesses that support these principles. Alongside the products will be useful content and information for living a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

“At Conscious Box, we aim to help people discover businesses and people who are working hard to make a difference in the world…With each purchase we make as consumers, we reflect our core values. Here at Conscious Box, we’d like to see those values align with authenticity, not greenwashing or unsustainable business practices,” said the team. “It can be hard to find that business with the highest quality products and ethics – we hope Conscious Box can make it easier.”

Morris and Richardson are also the minds behind Organic Soul, one of the fastest growing online communities focused on the environment, health and wellness, and lifestyle changes. Apart from introducing eco-minded buyers to low-impact products, the Conscious Box helps eco-entrepreneurs and businesses gain revenue and continue their good work.

“Each purchase is a vote, and we’d like to see that vote go toward small businesses doing their part in combating environmental and social ills…”

The Conscious Box Review

I received the awesome November Conscious Box filled with goodies celebrating autumn!

The Multipurpose Conscious Box

Pleasantly, I found items suited for each member of my family! There was the Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch and Funky Monkey’s Dried Fruit snack for my 2-year-old; For my outdoor-sy husband, big on energy bars, there was a delectable Kind Almond and Coconut bar, Sugar-free Glee gum, Living Nutz Banana Bread Walnutz and Mary’s Gone Crackers’s Double Chocolate Cookie! I enjoyed the Pharmacopia and 100% Pure skin care products. I haven’t tried the CocoaWell True Energy Dietary supplements, not a huge fan, but now I know, there are organic and whole-food supplements available as well!

I was very impressed with the attention to detail that went into making of the actual box and the experience inside. Jameson added,

“We had been developing the box for over 4 months and spent a long time trying to find a “conscious” manufacturer. The boxes  are made from 100% recycled material, manufactured in a wind powered facility, and printed using sustainable vegetable inks!”

Each box comes with information on the products, the process and the company that makes it unique and eco-friendly! I also loved the fact that the box came with a card that described ‘5 creative was to reuse the box’!

The team has already seen great success in the model, with over 1000 people pre-subscribing for the service when only marketing through Organic Soul.

“We’re excited to see this project go forward. We really think it will help inspire change in others to change the world.”

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