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Classie Parker Teaches Canning and So Much More

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If you were lucky, you may have been raised with an elder who just knew things, all things, about life. They may have never set foot in a college, heck, they may have never graduated high school, yet these people had a bounty of knowledge that imbedded into your mind only to return years later to make sense of your life. Classie Parker had her grandma and now, with her grandma’s knowledge, she is passing on those invaluable words of elder wisdom for a sustainable world. Even if you think you can’t possibly garden or can, Classie Parker’s modeling will prove it’s possible. Classie Parker teaches canning and so much more.

canning jars

Canning jars

Classie Parker Exudes Gardener Extraordinaire

The basics of gardening are pretty simple and rarely require expensive equipment or supplies. What makes a gardener stand out is their heart and soul. Classie has gone above and beyond to not only raise her own vegetables, but to fight so others could grow their produce as well. She is a founding member of her 5 star West Harlem Garden which was almost lost to corporate greed. Back in the 1990’s when urban gardening really started to fly the Giuliani administration almost got away with auctioning off 114 city-owned lots that had become urban gardening havens. Thanks to community activists like Classie, New Yorkers can enjoy some home-grown produce.


child gardening

Child gardening

Classie Parker Supports Education Through Nature

We’ve learned that only good can come from children who connect to nature early in their lives. Classie helps nurture this connection in young urbanites who might not have ever had knowledge of a garden and the work and joy that comes from raising their own food. Special needs children in particular have benefited from helping Classie in the garden, as well as, the sense of calm enjoyed by playing in the soil, water  and the act of bringing life where there was once just dirt.

{cc photo courtesy of Rjabinnik and Rounien on Flickr}


elderly hands

elderly hands

Classie Eases the Pain of Economic Bites

Besides growing herbs that ease ailments, Classie Parker heals the mental health of a world in crisis. Where most aspects of our lives are negatively affected by the economy, Classie replaces those voids with activities that are not only better for us, but cost less than what we’re use to. One example is the healing herbs grown in her neighborhood garden. She  reports that herbs used for easing the symptoms of arthritis are popular among older gardeners. The general belief that healthy eating leads to healthy bodies is another reason Classie’s gardens will only better the world around her.

{cc photo courtesy of Rosie O’Beirne on Flickr}

wall of preserves

Wall of preserves

Classie is Preserving the Community

Classie caught the eyes of the Etsy community who decided to show case her caring and infectiously giving nature. She has worked to save community gardens in her home state of New York and helps others do the same in their own communities. She offers community classes on gardening and canning to show even the brownest thumbs that gardening truly is for everyone. She proves that berries aren’t the only thing worth preserving, community spirit is worth saving as well.

The Canning Queen of the Desert from Etsy on Vimeo.


{Sources: Urban Habitat, Etsy and Classing Up the Neighborhood with Green}


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