Cleanweb Hackathon Showcases 'World Changing' Apps in 30 Hours: Final Results

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Cleanweb Hackathon, SF, Day 2. Image credit: Sunil Paul

The Cleanweb Hackathon concluded last night with 14 teams taking center-stage to showcase mobile and web apps that could help us, in their own small ways, manage resources more efficiently. The teams worked through the weekend and developed some “awesome” that creator Sunil Paul, pointed out as one of the most important features of cleanweb. How do you identify “cleanweb”? According to Sunil, it will demonstrate-

#1 Extensive use of information technology (duh)

#2 Makes things more efficient; allows better use of resources

#3 Makes life more AWESOME!

That’s exactly what the teams set out to do. Developers, designers, and business folks collaborating on building apps as diverse as ones that bring together backyard urban farmers (GROmunity) or a green life cycle analysis tool that small businesses and artisans can use to analyse and put on their green products (Greenly).

The judges included:

Yves Behar, world-famous designer and founder of fuseproject

Lew Tucker, CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco

James Joaquin, Partner at Catamount Ventures and former CEO of and other startups

Scott Zimmerman, Attorney at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, and Rosati

Eric Shiflet, Development Program Manager at Tendril

and Sunil Paul, Founding Partner of Spring Ventures.

The 14 Cleanweb teams were judged on:

  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Creating slick UI
  • Extra points for working code
  • Points for awesomeness
GigaOm provided live streaming of the judging, awards and app descriptions!

The Awards:

Best Overall: Team TACO- A Google Chrome extension that is pure java script. TACO, total cost of ownership. Used to publicize the overall cost of ownership, including lifetime of energy consumption, based on personal data, onto a retail shop’s website like Lowe’s. If you’re shopping for a TV or lawnmower, you can use the extension to see how efficient the product is.

Audience award: Dr. Wattson- A web app that gives recommendations about your energy rates and bill. “Sleuthing out a better energy plan.” Uses Tendril API.

Twilio hackaward: The Freshlist App- A way to sell anything at its most fresh. Mobile app where you text the word “help” to a phone number to find a local market place. It’s a mobile barter systems between buyers and sellers looking to sell and buy the freshest of food. Also there’s a forecast piece that takes GPS data to forecast when crop will be harvested. The tool is meant to help people find more sustainable food and help farmers buy a market.

Sexy UI: Winner: Dr. Wattson; Honorary mention: Tomatoe.

Badass Hack: Winner, Tomatoe- An app that brings together data about energy, health and resources in different visualizations via states.

Runnerup Toxic Slayar- An augmented reality layer to visualize toxic chemicals out there. The EPA collects this info, but its hard to visualize this data.

Biggest Impact: Winner: CommuteScore-Bringing your commute into the energy equation. Crunching data from GPS cell phones to figure out trends about commuting.

Honorable mention: Get Tarzan- “Get stuff done, save time, money and CO2.” Trip planner/calendar that includes info about sustainability and transportation in real-time with traffic data. Can help plan meetings for more efficient transportation.

Other awesome apps included-

A solar investment analysis calculator: A  free tool that offered consumers an easy interface for learning how much solar would cost them.

GreenScore: An app that answers the question: how green is your city, or your state? It uses data about pollution, traffic, fuel consumption

Task Turtle:  Crowd sourcing app lists tasks for food or cash. It involves smaller tasks, for smaller prizes and targets a lower-income bracket – the homeless people, young people, senior citizens etc..

Overall the event was grand success and hopefully the first of many!


Note: Important Media is a media sponsor of the hackathon; look for more posts on Cleantechnica and Ecopreneurist with the tag ‘Cleanweb Hackathon’!

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