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Cleanweb Hackathon, San Francisco: Hacking Continues, Results Soon!

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The first ever Cleanweb Hackathon opened in San Francisco with over 175 registrants for 100 seats. I call that resounding!!

Sunil Paul, the brainchild behind the Hackathon, founding director of Spring Ventures and avid clean-tech proponent was excited as he blogged live from the event:

“Writing live from @PariSOMA at the Cleanweb Hackathon.  Super exciting the level of engagement.  We are SOLD OUT.  Over 175 registrants for 100 seats.  About a third are developers.  The balance are business and UIUX folks.  In the next 24 hours, we’re hoping to see some interesting apps come out of this hackathon.”

So, what is the ‘Cleanweb Hackathon’? For those just joining us, Paul defines it for us,

Cleanweb is the idea that information technology can be the most leveraged way to address resource constraints of climate, energy, water, food, and land use.  We already see examples in companies like Airbnb, which substitutes people’s homes for hotels and Sungevity, which reduces solar electricity costs through smart application of information technology.

A Hackathon is a gathering of developers and others to develop functioning apps within a short time – in this case a little over 24 hours.  This is the first ever hackathon to focus on cleanweb apps.

There was an amazing set of APIs and datasets for the Cleanweb, available to hackers. Tom Schueneman reported that the dataset providers include the EPA (making available what they call the “mother lode” of data), twilio, Tendril, CSRHub, Genability, Azure Data, Docusign, and many others.

The hacking begun yesterday and will continue today till 3pm pacific time, with winners being announced tonight. The judging process promises to be exciting as well with some of the most creative minds in design and technology coming together to evaluate the apps-  Judges include some silicon valley celebrities like world-famous designer Yves Behar, cloud computing CTO from Cisco, Lew Tucker, and serial entrepreneur and VC, James Joaquin.

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Cleanweb Hackathon- San Francisco, Image Credit: @twilio thru Twitpic

Sunil tweeted through the day on the ideas floating around the hackathon, giving us a glimpse of what’s in store!

@ehubbcali Erin Hubbard, PE- Why am I spending my weekend in San Francisco inside? Because the action is at #cleanweb We’re teaming up to build a LCA comparison tool.

@SunilPaul Sunil Paul- Josh rosen wants to hack on food supply chain to help reduce refrigeration costs

@SunilPaul Sunil Paul-Shrinivas Wants to enable handcrafted goods to easily do a life cycle analysis (LCA).

@SunilPaul Sunil Paul-@mkeating wants to do a transportation mashup #cleanweb #hackathon

@SunilPaul Sunil Paul- Matt wants to allow easy comparisons between solar Install bids at #cleanweb#hackathon

…and much much more!!! Everything sounds so promising and exciting!

Who is going to win over $5,000 worth of prizes and bragging rights to the first-ever clean tech app competition? Stay tuned for the results!

Note: Important Media is a media sponsor of the hackathon; look for more posts on Cleantechnica and Ecopreneurist with the tag ‘Cleanweb Hackathon’ over the next couple days!

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