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Crowdfunded Sustainable Start-Ups on the Rise

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I received an interesting email a couple weeks ago on a topic I’m not that familiar with but follow a bit — crowdfunding of green projects and start-ups. As the writer pointed out, “the market for sustainable and locally sourced products and startups is continuing to grow, but at the same time, our current economy is making it harder than ever to raise the capitol necessary to get off the ground.”

They were clearly promoting IndieGoGo, “the world’s largest and only global crowdfunding platform,” which, I have to admit, I had not heard of. While many get turned off by promotional emails and such, the fact that something is promoted doesn’t really have anything to do with its value. If something valuable is going to be used, it needs to be promoted. So, while the language could have been more natural, happy I was contacted about this and can now share it with you.

Here’s more from the PR person who emailed me:

As more and more individuals make the transition over to “smarter” and “more responsible” choices, more and more aspiring innovators and creators are turning to, to help fund their individual sustainable cause. From the boys in Austin campaigning to open the first zero-packaging grocery store to the girls in Brooklyn working to produce home-cooked organic pet food, IndieGoGo is connecting the next big idea with millions of people worldwide to help fund their startups.

A few sustainable campaigns I think you’d be particularly interested in:

•       In.Gredients: Zero-Packaging Grocery Store to Open in Austin, Texas:
•       Vegan Bodega: NYC’s first and only all-vegan convenience store:
•       More Food, Less Space: Creating a sustainable farm in underserved communities:
•       Evermore Pet Food: Home- cooked pet food made from organic, sustainable, and local products:
•       Seed of the Month Club: Putting non-gmo, heirloom variety seeds in the hands of as many people as possible:

Yep, cool projects!

You a green entrepreneur needing some funding, or someone just working on a cool green project and need to raise some money? Check out IndieGoGo and see if you can get what you need.

Another good one I’m more familiar with is KickStarter. Check that one out as well.

And two more from commenters below are Greenfunder and Ecodana.

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