More Greenwash From Bottled Water Companies: Organic Water? Really?

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Image Source: Ilanllyr Water

European “gourmet” water brand Llanllyr Water showcased their “organic water” at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., where companies from around the world displayed their fancy gourmet fare.

According to Llanllyr Water,

“llanllyrSOURCE is one of the world’s premium quality bottled waters. It comes from our sources beneath certified organic fields in west Wales in the UK.”

So does that mean the water is organic? They sure seem to think so!

The term “organic” signifies the presence of carbon. So water, by definition, with hydrogen and oxygen is inorganic. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which defines the term organic when it comes to agricultural products in the US, specifically excludes water and salt, both compounds without carbon.

Although their promotions or the bottle water does not explicitly say “Organic Water”, consumers are surely misguided to think that because the land above the water source has never been treated with chemicals, the water itself is organic. While disposable bottled water itself is a nuisance throughout its life-cycle, greenwashed claims like these only highlight the fact is plain drinking water is just that. Any amount of words like “pristine”, “spring”, “natural” is going to throw bucket-loads of greenwash on their products.

The best thirst quencher in most cases: cool tap water.


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