Blissmo Launches Monthly “Blissmobox”: Delivering Curated Eco-friendly Products to Your Door!

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Sundeep Ahuja, (yes he was on Entourage and 24!) founded Blissmo in 2010 with the philosophy that we vote with our dollars everyday and have great power in demanding sustainable products and services. Americans plunk $4.3 trillion on consumer spending each year, Blissmo currently helps influence better buying decisions by introducing shoppers to exceptional, well-loved organic & eco-friendly products via daily offers.

How it works: The Blissmo team cuts through the “green washing” out there and finds high quality, well-loved products & services that are either certified as organic or eco-friendly, or that have a people & planet positive approach in the DNA of the business. They negotiate compelling discounts and offer these products & services via deals daily.


Today, Blissmo launched Blissmobox– a monthly subscription service delivering curated boxes of well-loved organic & eco-friendly products by mail- think of it as a CSA program, where instead of farm fresh produce you will receive products ranging from skin and beauty to home cleaning supplies!

Sundeep feels there is too much “noise” around green products with many brands eyeing the LOHAS consumer, who is confused and bombarded with information. “The Blissmobox makes it even easier to discover what’s better by allowing our customers to sit back and let us curate themed boxes of consumables, ranging from toxin-free beauty products to organic foods.”

By curating products and offering five different products each month, this service addresses the three primary reasons that people don’t buy green products:

  • lack of information / too much information / distrust of “green” labeling.
  • the expectation that green products require a tradeoff around effectiveness or quality.
  • people tend to be “brand lazy,” unwilling to spend the time/money to try out new products.

In May, Blissmo tested the idea of a curated box featuring full-sized method Laundry, iQ All-purpose cleaner, and Twist sponge products among other well-loved brands as part of a “Home & Laundry” box. They sold out- selling out of all 200 available in just over 6 hours. Each box sells for $19 + $3 shipping (flat rate ) but contains almost $30 worth of green goods.

Subscribers get their choice of box each month, and selection varies based on themes & seasons. For example, you can expect a “back to school” box in September and a “Halloween” box in October in addition to their staple boxes with cleaning supplies or personal products. Around the beginning of every month, Blissmobox will send subscribers an email with the featured boxes for that month who will have until the 20th of the month to make a selection. If you don’t like any of the boxes you’ll have the option to “skip” that month and receive a credit to use towards a future box.

What sets Blissmo apart is the fact that they promote less than 10% of the companies that apply through their daily offers. Most of the time, they promote companies that their curators will find after spending time researching products better than conventional alternatives.

The main idea behind Blissmobox -introduce subscribers to products in the comfort of their homes via a monthly subscription and make it easier for them to make the switch to products that are better for them, their families and their planet!




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