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Earth Day, & Why I Do What I Do

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Earth Day… Earth Day, Earth Day. What to say today? I spend most of the day every day writing about environmental issues and solutions to them. So many hours every day, and every week and month and year.

Why do I do it?

Of course, I am one who respects the rabbits for what they are, the birds for what they are, the insects for what they are, the trees and weeds for what they are. They all deserve respect. They all struggle and strive and grow and live. Perhaps it is my inherent respect for them that drives my work in this field.

However, there is another clear matter that is important to me that I think nearly everyone, even those with no respect for other species and the environment (if that is actually possible) also much care about. That issue is not hard to guess.

We are overusing many of our environmental resources and overextending many ecological and climatic systems so much that our children and future generations may have to live in a world that is much harsher and may not have the natural resources needed for living at all.

It is probably at least partly out of respect for the natural world and the species of this world that I do what I do. But it is also out of what I think is a moral obligation to leave future generations with the same quality of life as I have.

Of course, this is not a one-person job. This takes the effort and awareness of a great number of people. Hopefully, in the year to come, we will touch more, motivate more, and create more change, positive change.

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