Bennu's New.Life.Style Mantra: Improving Markets for Recycled Products

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Bennu is a socially responsible product development and marketing company that completes the recycling loop. By developing quality brands using sustainable business practices, Bennu is greening the standard for a new lifestyle.

Bennu was started in 2009 by a diverse group of social entrepreneurs who met while pursuing their MBA’s in New York City with $40,000 in seed money. The founders, who came from across the world with varying backgrounds in finance, management, graphic design, and marketing, were brought together by a common passion to use business for tackling social and environmental problems. The name Bennu reflects the company’s purpose and vision. The Bennu bird is the Egyptian equivalent to the Greek Phoenix, which represents rebirth.

Bennu’s inspiration originated from the disturbing amount of waste – particularly plastic bottles – being sent to landfills as trash. With tens of billions of potentially useful bottles wasted each year, the Bennu founders ventured to develop products that would prevent landfill dumping, save energy and serve practical consumer needs. At the same time, the goal was to create a business that proved both the social and economic value of sustainability.

Watch this video where the founders explain the story behind Bennu

Bennu’s line of products currently includes eco-friendly, chic backpacks made of recycled plastic, with ipad cases and a 100% recycled T-Shirt line to be unveiled in 2011. Their business model aims to create a more functional and effective recycling market. To make recycling a more viable option, improvements are needed throughout the recycling process, including increasing collection rates and achieving greater reprocessing efficiency. However, market development is required to maintain a healthy recycling system. Without new markets, recycling only moves trash around. By giving consumers quality options to “buy recycled,” Bennu aims to complete the recycling loop.

With sustainability engrained in its core values and business methods, Bennu is also helping school children who lack even basic school supplies by organizing the “Greenpacks for Great Kids” online backpack drive in New York City. Started in the fall of 2010, this program provides young people with eco-friendly Greenpacks, that helps them achieve their educational potential and green their lifestyle.

Bennu is looking for people to support “Greenpacks for Great Kids” by sponsoring a bag that they’ll donate to a young person on your behalf. Simply click the Sponsor button on the  website to give a Greenpack to a great kid. Contact them at for more details. You can also arrange corporate sponsorship to donate co-branded backpacks to your favorite nonprofit for the 2011 back-to-school season.

Bennu believes that they provide a new life to the materials we reuse, and promote a new lifestyle for a society that has long taken for granted environmentally harmful ways.


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