SunRun Is Bringing Solar Energy to A House Near You!

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Solar Installation, Image Credit: SunRun

With the risks involved with harnessing nuclear technology unmasked this week after the tsunami in Japan, developing and promoting clean renewable energy has never been so important. Solar energy is plentiful in most places, yet solar installations for the home and office are as rare as solar energy is abundant. The biggest deterrent to solar energy has been upfront capital and high maintenance costs.

A company called SunRun is changing this since 2007. With an innovative model, SunRun works with solar installers to provide a “solar package” to 10,000 residences in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

SunRun Total Solar allows homeowners to upgrade to solar without having to worry about high upfront costs, installation, or how panels operate. For the highest quality installation, SunRun partners with the leading local solar installers, who together employ more than 2,500 green collar workers. By doing so, SunRun offers customers the benefits of the local installers’ expertise in the area, while SunRun focuses on offering the best solar financing and ongoing customer experience. SunRun takes complete care of the systems, which includes professional monitoring, maintenance and repairs, solar insurance, inverter replacement, and a money-back performance guarantee.

Watch this video on how SunRun will help you use clean renewable energy and save money by choosing solar!

SunRun brings customers the benefits of solar powered energy like low utility bills, cleaner energy and increased home values without the high cost of purchasing, installing and monitoring a personal solar system. They even manage all the permitting process for their customers. You can get solar energy to your home from SunRun in two ways:

  • Power purchase agreement- With an agreement, the customer agrees to pay a set rate for the electricity that the solar system produces. This fixed rate is generally lower than your utility bill today and protects you from future utility rate increases.
  • Solar leasing-  With a lease, you pay a low monthly fee to lease the system and use the solar electricity for your home.

If you don’t live in one the seven states that SunRun serves, check this table to see your state’s solar potential.

SunRun was founded by Ed Fenster and Lynn Jurich, who met as classmates at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. They started SunRun, realizing that reducing pollution and stabilizing energy costs were some of the biggest challenges faced by both developed and developing countries. SunRun has even created this cool infographic on how solar energy can help stop climate change. Find out more about going solar in your home state. Give clean energy a chance!


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