1E: Pioneers in Green IT & Power Management

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1E is a wonderful success story of a tech company with humble beginnings but deep-rooted green values. 1E was formed back in 1997 by Sumir Karayi, Mark Blackburn and Phil Wilcock who got together whilst working at Microsoft. With many years of experience working with blue chip companies they saw a need to reduce the cost and energy associated with managing Windows PCs and Servers. With $2500 (£1500) in capital, 1E was conceived and built upon a strong foundation in technical excellence and team spirit.

Green IT and server efficiency are very relevant topics today. But not in 1997. 1E were pioneers in PC Power Management and Green IT even though the environment was not a hot topic in those days. They only wanted to do the right thing – help companies reduce their waste and save money at the same time.

According to Alliance to Save Energy,

4.7 million servers are not doing any useful work, wasting nearly $21bn per year on hardware, maintenance and management, with an extra $3.8bn wasted on energy.

1E released ground-breaking solutions like NightWatchman® and WakeUp™ to reduce IT costs. NightWatchman is the most comprehensive market leading PC power management solution available today.

NightWatchman® PC power management software intelligently power manages computers across your network remotely and automatically overnight, on weekends and when not in use. This significantly lowers energy consumption and CO2emissions without ever impacting user productivity.

This innovative approach has continued with the development of revolutionary concepts like Useful Work™, Drowsy Server® as part of a unique range of industry-leading solutions designed to reduce costs and lower carbon emissions.

From a $2,500 starting investment, 1E has grown exponentially. It had deployed 16 million licenses across 42 countries and 1600 organizations by 2010. It reached $1 billion in customer savings last year by helping organizations identify and eliminate inefficiencies and costs associated with hardware, software, energy and time. 1E was instrumental in cutting CO2 emissions by 4.5 million US tons.

1E is a great eco-success story that is bound to inspire many. 1E supports many energy efficiency, sustainability and green IT initiatives including the EU Data Centre Code of Conduct, the US Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, the Energy Star energy efficiency program and the Alliance to Save Energy.


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