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Innovative Grassroots Sustainability Projects

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Want to be inspired by some truly progressive sustainability projects being created by common folks? If so, I highly recommend checking out Working for Green, a website that documents noteworthy grassroots, sustainability projects around the country. The website founder, Susan Neisloss, even seems to visit every project and creates wonderful short videos showing what folks are doing, why their projects are important, and leaving you with takeaway points that you can use to improve your own life.

Here are a few highlight stories/videos:

  • Juan Beltran, a quadriplegic Iraq war vet in Chino, CA is building a completely sustainable home so that he and his family are no longer dependent on oil.
  • Nicholas Cortez is an unemployed ice cream vendor who started growing his own vegetables for his town outside of Phoenix when the local grocery store went out of business.
  • Pomona High School is enforcing no-bullying and cooperative, experiential learning and 75% of its school projects are environmental and teach kids about sustainability.
  • A single mom in San Luis Obispo is turning a small home-based Microgreens business into full-time career.

This post is a quickie, a way for us to share more news with you by linking to good stories on other sites.

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Image Credit: screenshot of Working for Green website

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