Social Media Offers Options to Promote Green Initiatives

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The new age of the internet allows you to do more than you ever dreamed possible through things like blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Embracing these social media networking sites has allowed many companies to get better recognition. Through the use of the sites, they are able to show the rest of the world what their company is all about. It is not necessary to limit your information strictly to what you can offer your clients. You can also use these modern business tools to highlight the many ways your business is going green.

Going green is a great way to attract clients because of the constant awareness of the state of the climate and the environment. Clients are more willing to do business with a company which takes the time to implement different green initiatives into the daily business plans. You can show that your company has been doing exactly that through these different media. Here are just a few examples of how this can work.

Using Facebook to Your Advantage

Facebook is an informal setting which allows individuals and businesses alike to make public information they want the world to know about. As a business, there are many different ways you can use this. One of the ways many businesses have been using it to promote their being green is through posting different events on their page. By posting your events in this manner, you will be able to not only bring in people to your event. You will be able to announce to the world that you are even having the event.

Make Twitter Posts

Posting to Twitter is a great way to do everything you can do through telemarketing only better. Your company will look younger and fresher than the competition. Making your company look even younger and fresher is possible when you are tweeting about such things as green initiatives. You can add posts every time a step in your plan is accomplished. In doing so, you will constantly remind everyone what your company is up to and why they should do business with you.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. In it you are able to create a profile which you can highlight different aspects about you and your company. It is a great tool which you can use like B2B telemarketing. All of those you are associated with will be impressed with the green initiatives you are implementing and you will even gain new clients through your profile.

The Advantage of a Blog

Blogs are another informal tool you can use to reach out to potential clients. You can talk about different aspects about your business in an online diary of sorts. By adding posts about the different green initiatives you have in place, people will be able to follow your progress. These posts can talk about anything from your office’s new low energy lights you just installed to the new low cost Voice over IP phone system. They will even be able to interact with you about what you are doing. You could get insight as to how your new initiative will be received so that you will be able to fine tune what you plan to do.


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