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Capitalism is Over! (if you want it)

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Capitalism is Over

In the spirit of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “War is Over (if you want it)” protests four decades ago, a disparate band of activists is now tackling our dysfunctional corpulent capitalist infrastructure. “Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It: Summer of Tough Love”, is a series of interruptions/actions by artists from around the world in response to the negative impact that capitalism has wrought upon our collective health, well-being and shared environment.

Scores of artists, writers and performers (including a bright pink capitalist pig) have been creating work that highlights the gross inequities and unsustainability of the capitalist model, as well as underscoring the urgent need to construct a more viable economic system that does not poison our planet and disenfranchise billions.

Sludge, Lies and Video Pig

capitalist pig

Megan Wilson takes the capitalist pig to downtown San Francisco to help illustrate the destructive costs of capitalism.


cioUtilizing news stands located along Market and Montgomery Street in San Francisco as “vehicles to deliver information”, artists Eliza Barrios and Paz de la Calzada send weekly messages via various newspaper machine windows.

capitalism is over

Capitalism is Over

Capitalism is Over (CIO) Market Street projections done in conjunction with the Luggage Store Gallery.

Lima, Peru

This image is from “Artist Against the Grain”, a film by Ann Kaneko in Lima Peru. Each artist held an oversize letter sign and stood in front of the National Palace of Justice, where laws get made. Like CIO, these are yet more artists doing political work in public space.

Many more CIO actions are planned throughout the summer at various points across the globe. For more information, check out the CIO website:

John Lennon and Yoko Ono declare that war is over.

The lovely CIO logo was created by graphic designer Cat Ferrez.

Images are courtesy of Capitalism is Over.

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