Reporting from NYC: Social Entrepreneurship Blooms

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Last night, I attended the Catchafire 50 Project Kickoff event, part of this week’s National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Catchafire is a youth-driven venture to connect professionals who are looking to put their skills to meaningful use by linking up with nonprofits and social enterprises that could use expertise in branding, PR, design and social media campaigns.

This event is an example of a growing community of talented, idealistic graduates and inspired professionals who are changing the way we view work and life and are promoting socially responsible business. It was no surprise to see a number of familiar faces, which reaffirms my belief that the greatest agent of social change of our generation is entrepreneurship. Innovators and leaders are creating opportunities for them to serve communities in need, while feeling fulfilled, empowered and successful.

After schmoozing with the city’s most promising innovators (including freelance journalists, social entrepreneurs, and tech savvy web designers), we all crowded into a conference room to hear the keynote remarks of Cindy Gallop, founder of IfWeRanTheWorld. Her comments plucked the heart chords of the room full of bright millennials. She spoke about the role of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals in doing socially responsible business, “The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire,” she remarked.

She also emphasized the need for revenue-generating models in order create careers where professionals can feel satisfaction from their full-time jobs.

…Until then, ventures like Catchafire fulfill this need by empowering young professionals to seek projects where they can shape the impact of organizations that will improve the world and change the way we interact with our surroundings.


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