A Small Company Has a Big Idea For Emergency Shelters in Haiti

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What does cardboard in the East Bay have to do with Haiti?

Green Earth Packaging is a small cardboard company in Lafayette, CA, with a very limited web presence.  So limited, in fact, that I couldn’t find a suitable picture for this post. Luckily, our local ABC7 News will find and cover just about anything that meets the following criteria: local, haiti, green.

These water-resistant corrugated-materials experts saw the tents being distributed in Haiti and knew they could do better. So they designed a cheap ($400) structure, complete with toilet and cooler. I feel like a cooler might be a little patronizing for people in that situation, but the toilet would make a huge difference in the health and sanitation department. fta:

Green Earth Packaging says it can have shelter kits ready to go in weeks, but bureaucracy has kept them from getting there. It has appealed to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund and the United Nations who is overseeing shelter relief. The company is now looking for help to get their shelters through before the situation in Haiti deteriorates further.

Although the ABC story was the first I’d heard of them, they were at West Coast Green and appear to have an extremely versatile raw product on their hands, ripe for the shaping with some great design. Sounds like it’d make a fun contest. Anyhoo…

If you think you can help them with their ecopreneurial product for Haiti, contact them here. It don’t think they’re on twitter.  But maybe social media can help anyway?


[VIDEO] Cardboard shelter demo on ABC7 site (tried in vain to embed their proprietary player)


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