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No More Dog and Cat Meat in China?

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In an effort to prevent animal abuse, China is taking steps to end a centuries-old tradition.  Recently proposed legislation would outlaw the human consumption or sale of cat and dog meat, often called “fragrant meat,” which is still considered a delicacy in some parts of China. 

Sadly, many of the animals that end up on dinner tables are believed to be pets, stolen from families then brutally slaughtered. According to a report by Chinese Animal Protection Network (CAPN), 10,000 cats are eaten each day during the winter months in the GuangDong province of China.

According to various reports, the proposed draft contains nine chapters that cover animal medical treatment, animal transportation and butcher regulations. If the bill is passed, individuals involved in the illegal sale or consumption of the meat could face a fine and/or jail-time up to 15 days. Establishments involved in the illegal practice could be fined up to $70,000.  A hotline would also be set up for people to report any violations.  The draft is expected to be sent to the National People’s Congress sometime in April.

Cat photo John Nyberg

Puppy photo by Shlomit Wolf

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