One Great Way to Support Green Startups: Think Inside the Box

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london creative business spaceHere’s an idea that comes from outside the green business world, but has much to offer us and I think should be repeated all over.

In London, KiosKiosk is a simple, powerful, powerfully fun idea: Create an attractive temporary space for upcoming (but ready to sell) businesses to be at, in a high traffic area. At no cost.

Backed by the London Sustainable Development Commission, businesses just need to submit a brief form describing what they’d like to use the kiosk for, when, and why they are a good idea for the KiosKiosk and vice versa.

While the KiosKiosk is focused on creative/design/arts/music businesses, such an idea could, and should be replicated for green startups, many of which, like any small company, may not have the funds or credit history to get a full fledged, full time space. Since there is no rent to pay, this could also be used by companies to create, say, memorable experiences and activities out of the space, of lasting promotional value and social media worthy mentions, growing their online business, for example.

More than just a booth space, the site’s website gives both the public and other participants a glimpse in to who and what’s going to be there each day, with an extensive profile. This would provide value beyond the actual day(s) the business is there, giving consumers and potential investors a chance to learn about them at their leisure.

Giving further depth and value to the space, special events and workshops will peppered throughout the 3 month run of KiosKiosk.

It’s “inside the box” thinking like this that will help boost business vitality and encourage more to give entrepreneurship in these challenging times.

Readers: What other inventive, supportive ways are you seeing business, green or otherwise being being supported? Do you live in a community with space ripe for this? Will you try doing it? If you want help getting the word out, I’m glad to do so via Twitter. Find me on there here.



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