Zipcar + iPhone = Smart Integration of Two Tools for One Big Result

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iphone zipcar app demo videoUnless you’ve been laid up in bed all this week, you’ve heard that Apple is releasing a new iPhone 3G-S with an amazing array of features But one you may not have heard of is a brilliant bridging between the iPhone and Zipcar.

These two are as they say peas in a pod, technology enhanced life(style) enhancements, for a demographic that I imagine likes that they get to both have what they want, when they want it, and do good by the planet at the same time.

Impressing your friends in the bargain is a fine dessert.

Much like the 3rdWhale app helps you locate green businesses in physical proximity to you, the upcoming Zipcar app will tell you where the nearest available cars are, allowing you to browse what’s there, learn about them, how many people they’ll fit, then when you’ve decided, reserve it, getting directions how to get there.

As demonstrated in this video from the recent premier of this app, it then will honk the horn of your car as you approach, even open the door. Yes, with an image of a key with buttons on your phone.

This is a wise move on both company’s parts, as it helps further integrate with the user’s life, allowing access and ease from any location, therefore encouraging more likelihood of making this sustainable choice of using a shared car, one that Zipcar has an interest in keeping running in optimum condition, therefore reducing unnecessary emissions, while minimizing the number of cars on the road. And in an urban environment, cars with dedicated parking spots will collectively go a long way to even further reduce both emissions and traffic of those endlessly circling for a spot.

Readers: What other useful integrations of mobile technology and green behavior have you seen? Comment below please!



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