Finding Like Minds 1: Open Doors For Green Business

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How to open a door

The internet makes knowledge accessible, but at the end of the day it is about communications and connecting.  Global Green Links came to Mokugift, signed up to our corporate rewards program and became an affiliate in less time that it takes took us to figure out where to go for lunch.

Oliver describes his company as:
“…a bid directory of all websites that are Eco-Friendly. We established the site to create a single point of reference for people who would like to look further into creating a greener planet.  Owners of Eco-Friendly websites place a bid to be listed and 20 percent of these bids are donated to the planting of new trees via the service. Not only do website owners gain greater exposure for there websites, but they further continue to help the environment.”

Global Green Links is kind of like bidding for Google positions in a completely green directory .  Unlike search, visitors to this site will be in shopping mode.

When you open up your business via APIs and affiliate links, you find interesting new partners that you would not normally have come across.  More importantly, more things get done and done fast when you reduce barriers to business.  The open approach to business is nothing new on the internet, we just wanted to share the concept with ecopreneurists that aren’t from an Internet background or open industries.

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