How to Find and Manage the Freshest Green Business Knowledge

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feedmil long tail rss feed searchIn today’s rapidly changing sustainable business landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important to be aware of what’s happening, emerging, and yet to be created where you could fill a need. How best to do that?

Newspapers and magazines play a part, but with their shrinking staffs, it’s a smaller role by the day. Blogs? Definitely, it’s where people with the freedom and foresight to look broader, more critically, think more bravely share what they’re observing, researching, and wanting your feedback on. Microblogging sites such as Twitter take the time frame even more immediate, currently breaking.

But, you may be asking, where do I find the time to go to all these sources? A fair question, one which a tool like Feedly handily integrates all together in one place, allowing for you to easily interact with both your information and the people talking about it.

The next question you may have is, how do I even find what I need to keep track of in the first place amongst all this big swirling pot of information? And how do I know what’s best?

Feedmil is one contender to answering this question. Billing itself as a “long tail” feed search engine, that is, one that will locate both the well known and the lesser known “long tail” results that may provide as yet still under the radar knowledge and insight. Feedmil gives a wide assortment of ways for you to control and finesse the results you get.

It’s definitely early in the game on this site, as frequently the number of results can be small, or not really what you’re seeking. Don’t like the results? No matter, you can fix that, via sliders, giving lesser or greater weight to various related terms, and choosing whether you want the sites to be more popular or lesser known. You can narrow the focus to one type of feed (blogs, microblogs, news, social media, audiocasts, photocasts, videocasts)

You have 3 choices how the above results are sorted: Relevance, Feedmil rank, or quality, the latter two designated by Feedmil user votes. And, if you happen to speak other languages than English or have a good translation tool, you can allow results to be in either English only or all languages.

Each result then shows its rank in terms of popularity, authority, activity, and how often it posts a week.

While Feedmil is by no means perfect, it’s an interesting vision of the possibility of highly adjustable search tool.

Readers: What tool(s) do you use to find your sources of information on sustainable business trends and other things related to that, and manage them? Comment below please.


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