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In our highly connected world, travel can happen from any number of means, catering to just about any human desire out there. So why should you bother with Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel? For many reasons, the top of which being that when you travel with them, $250 goes directly to organizations and communities where you visited. No opaque claims of a percentage of proceeds or other such vagueness. You get emailed a copy of the Wells Fargo bank transfer, showing exactly who it went to.

Not something your run of the mill backpacker “eco adventure” travel agency would do. But then, Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel’s main focus as  a business is to raise funds for high impact non profits around the world, through the vehicle of memorable, powerful travel experiences, spending substantial time with local people in the regions you visit. Real, meaningful interactions, rather then pre packaged tourist shows. And at the same time you get a superbly accommodated trip. [social_buttons]

It’s geared towards those of a higher income bracket that want to make a difference, and have the means to do so. Voluntourism definitely has its place, but for many locations around the world, what they need is not unskilled volunteer labor, but funds and resources to do what they already know how to do, but may not have the means to do.

And taking a look around their blog, it’s clear they have some big causes in mind. For instance, coal has been big on the radar this past year, particularly all the talk of “clean coal.” You may have heard about the egregious practice of mountaintop removal in order to get this cheap and dirty substance. You may have wondered what you could do. Together with the Make it REAL Foundation, they’ve got a trip happening in May where you can meet the people in the area living with and doing something about it, and you can fly right over one of the mined mountains.

Often what happens after these trips is the people are so moved by what they’ve seen and experienced, they find additional ways to continue making a difference in the regions they’ve visited, some even starting their own foundations and NGOs to achieve this aim.

ESPT puts it well when they say, “By educating philanthropic travelers on the critical humanitarian and environmental challenges and solutions facing fellow human beings who are struggling for their very survival, we are facilitating deeply meaningful, personally transformative vacation experiences that are funding clean energy, children’s education, basic medical services and safe drinking water.”

In a world where continuing the status quo with where we get our energy just doesn’t cut it anymore, ESPT seeks out organizations like Black Rock Solar, where every $1 donated, it results in $15 worth of value. Really? How? Read here to learn how. They specifically install solar on schools, medical clinics, and other places that would otherwise not be able to afford it themselves. The resulting energy savings frees up more funds for their more mission focused activities.

So the next time you want to combine your values with a vacation, consider Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel.

Readers: How have you combined your values and vacation? Have you found local trips that enable this to happen? What other innovative, real ways have you seen to create awareness and make a positive impact in the world?

Many people choose to undertake philanthropic travels after completing medical billing training or other vocational courses that enable an individual to be employed in almost any city.


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