Making Home Energy Efficiency Human, Doable, and (Gasp!) Fun

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Energy Circle home energy efficiency expertsAh, the magic of Twitter. I’ve been on there for the past year and during that time have become a green business hub of sorts. Every day, 10-20 new people “follow” me (choose to have what I say be tracked by them) One particularly interesting one was EnergyCircle.

In a miraculously concise statement of purpose, they say, “Our singular goal as a company is to take the complexity out of home energy.”

How do they do that?

Through telling their own stories. Exploring what’s going on out there. Teaching you how to best do it yourself. And know when it’s time to bring in a professional.

Then, armed with knowledge, encouragement, and others to identify with, they have a store full of ways to put talk into action.  My antennae went up when I saw they sell space heaters. Seeming to know this would be an issue, they have a quick, fun video in their blog entry YES! Sometimes an Electric Space Heater Makes Sense.

It argues that the ones they sell more broadly (and vertically) distribute heat, so they’re not just heating at the ground level. But, um, doesn’t heat rise? I’d be interested to see one that is energy efficient as well. Well, more efficient then their other energy hog brethren.

Energy Circle is a great example of the effective use of blogs and other social media to add value, enhance their offering, create more sales, but not be ham fisted about it. They create a believable “We’re one of you” feel about the site, basically being people that were in the same place many of their potential customers were a few years ago – wanting to have a healthier, more energy efficient home, but a bit at a loss as to how to do it, and where to start.

In challenging economic times like these, EnergyCircle may be just the thing for many homeowners, looking to save money without having to spend a lot to do so.

Readers: What other businesses are you seeing out there effectively integrating being a resource with being a business? What energy efficiency tools have you been using/interested in recently? I look forward to your comments below.


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