What The Heck Is An Obamapreneur?

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The English language has a wonderful way of evolving with major or minor events in the economic, social and political history of man. Following the release of words like “Mompreneur” and “Ecopreneur”, the latest buzzword that is floating around the business and economic sphere is “Obamapreneur.” While it is clear that all “Preneur” roads lead to a noble business mission but what the heck is an Obamapreneur?

President Obama is clearly the man of the moment and although running a business is not officially part of his resume, entrepreneurs are closely examining the way he has run his campaign, and now the country, to model their business strategy after his.  Barry Libert and Rick Faulk, authors of “Barack, Inc: Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign” point out three lesson to entrepreneurs based upon what they have seen in President Obama’s campaign:

  1. Be Cool – Everybody already knows that President Obama is the King of Cool.  Mistakes notwithstanding, his personable way of dealing with issues that come up without attacking or blaming people are extremely admirable. In a challenged economy that poses more risks to your business success, maintaining calm and balance can add huge value.
  2. Be Social -Do you ever recall a Presidential candidate or his campaign that was so visible on the blogosphere? Do you ever remember receiving texts from your political party? Marketers take heed: building visibility is all about communicating.  And communicating today means a very different thing than it did before.
  3. Be “The Change” – President Obama’s campaign was all about the promise of change. Having taken office, he throws the wishbone of change out to businesses asking them to demonstrate leadership and inspire others by making the change themselves. And they are: entrepreneurs, today you have the opportunity to become an Obamapreneur.

Obamapreneurs in the making?

Some ecopreneurs are already well on their way to Obamapreneurship. Take for example, Brent Schulkin, a “road warrior turned activist” and Steve Newcomb, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur. They founded Virgance, a start-up based in San Francisco’s trendy South Park district that has created a business model around activism. Virgance holds true to Obama business values by carrying out social change campaigns like 1BOG which aims to convince homeowners to switch to solar energy one block at a time, by organizing them into buying clubs; and Carrotmob which steers crowds of activists to buying everything in the winning shop in a contest between retailers to be the greenest.

The Economist covered Virgance recently in an article entitled “For Profit Activism.” Mr Newcomb told the The Economist that he wanted to do more than just start another technology company; he wanted to do well by doing good. “I started looking at activism as a potential start-up industry,” he said.

Where are the other Obamapreneurs?

Ecopreneurist is looking for more Obamapreneurs. This might be the worst recession we have seen in years, but entrepreneurs have been known to burgeon successful businesses in bad times. We are looking for Obamapreneurs out there that are actively working on businesses that bring change.  We want to know who you are, what you are doing and why you align yourself with the business ideals of the Obama generation.

So if you qualify, we would love to hear about you.  Or if you know someone who does then let us know. Or send them our way and we will contact them.

As always, you can comment or send us an email at ecopreneurist@greenoptions.com.

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