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Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements

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In December, I wrote that energy efficiency is the business opportunity for 2009. However, we all know that businesses and consumers can’t buy many of the energy efficiency products and services without financing. So, where’s the money?

Government Help?

If you are a small business or want to sell energy efficiency products to a small business, you might think that a logical place to start is the US Small Business Association. However, I don’t think that the SBA has any special loan guaranty programs for renewable energy or energy efficiency purchases. Please comment below if you have had experience with any of the above financing programs or if you know of others!

Recently, the SBA did announce grants to specific small business development centers for energy efficiency programs. Although I don’t see any reference to financing, if you can qualify for a general SBA loan, energy efficiency improvements could be a good use of proceeds!

Another Federal government agency, the EPA, has a list of resources as part of its Energy Star for Small Business program. When I clicked on “California” I received this list, which includes some lenders.

If your business wantEnergy Star Mortgages to sell energy efficiency products or services to homeowners, then you’ll be happy to see an increasing number of related loan products for homeowners. For a number of years there has been an Energy Efficient Mortgage program, but I’ve heard that is hasn’t been very popular with banks and homeowners. And now, In the northeast, there is a pilot program for a promising-sounding Energy Star Mortgage, which allows homeowners to finance energy efficiency retrofits with a tax-deductible interest payments.

Private Sector Financing SourcesGreenstreet loan Umpqua Bank

Private banks are starting to innovate with “green loans”. One that was launched late last year is by Umpqua Bank and the Energy Trust for Oregon is the Greenstreet lending program is for installing solar energy systems or energy efficiency improvements. Businesses who are customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas can apply for loans of $5,000 to $100,000 with a fixed 6.5% interest rate. There is also a program for homeowners.

ShorebankI have also read in several places that Shore Bank in Chicago and other banks have Homeowners’ Energy Conservation Loan Programs.

More Innovation in Financing Energy Savings

If you live in California, check your city’s potential programs for financing that can be tied to your property tax bill. Berkeley and Palm Desert were two of the first cities to launch such programs, but in July, 2008, the State of California enacted AB 811, which facilitates municipal property-tax financing for energy efficient improvements statewide.

More To Come

Although I don’t yet know what the next segments will include, I know this is the first in a series of posts about financing for energy efficiency improvements. I am hopeful that we are just beginning to see innovations in financing for energy efficiency retrofits and product purchases.

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