New Carbon Offset Website Empowers Social Entrepreneurs

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Scott James is a frequent contributor to Planetsave. This is his first post on the Ecopreneurist.

Hi Everyone, I want to introduce you to the Carbon Advice Group. It is an international carbon offsetting venture that allows users to create their own carbon offset merchant sites. This site harnesses the spirit of social entrepreneurship in the drive to be carbon neutral by empowering anyone to set up their own personalized micro-site where they can provide carbon offsets to their family, friends or business colleagues.

Every person and business leaves a carbon footprint, perhaps most notably through travel or food consumption, and this site empowers people to take responsible action to offset the unavoidable emissions of everyday transactions. I especially like that the affiliate set-up lets people take the carbon offset message to their personal community/network/business and take a lead role in spreading that awareness. Here is a page that I set up as an example:  Scott on Carbon Advice Group.

“We want to motivate the average person in the street to get online, build their own site and get the message across to everyone they know,” says serial Social Entrepreneur and Carbon Advice Group founder Matthew Sullivan.


Ecopreneurist’s own Jennifer Kaplan wrote about the trend of becoming more Eco-Generous a few days ago. There are many sites offering carbon footprint calculators or carbon offset options, but I think the Carbon Advice Group stands out because it enables anyone to become a social entrepreneur in their own family, social or business circle.

Micro-sites will allow visitors to calculate their carbon footprint, choose a carbon offset option and receive a certificate verifying their offset purchase. The micro-site set-up is free and you earn a commission on every carbon offset that you sell.

Getting people to promote carbon offsets does more than just help create carbon neutral actions- it also raises awareness about the frequency and amount of our personal carbon footprint. In the emerging green economy, the micro-sites on Carbon Advice Group offer a compelling answer to the “What can I do?” question about global climate change.

To learn more or to set up site you can visit them at:, watch the Carbon Advice Group Intro Video on Youtube from the Carbon Advice Group’s Murray Newlands, or contact their San Francisco office at

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