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Pennies for the Planet Encourages Kids to Take Action

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The environmental group Together Green wants to empower kids to make a difference. An offshoot of the Audubon Society, they’re running the national Pennies for the Planet campaign to do just that.

[Creative Commons photo by Mindsay Mohan]

The campaign, first launched in 1995, wants to “help today’s communities nurture tomorrow’s environmental leaders” by giving kids ways to get active! This year, participants nationwide will collect change to support three national conservation projects:

  1. Project Puffin and the Seabird Restoration Program off the Maine coast
  2. Four Holes Swamp – an ancient swamp that supports otters, owls and rare plants in South Carolina
  3. Wyoming’s “sagebrush sea” – an endangered habitat for pygmy rabbits, sage-grouse and pronghorns

They provide kids with all the tools that they need to start helping, from money-raising ideas to an honor roll to reward their efforts. They’ve even got a Facebook group to help get those kiddos involved. Educators can download classroom materials including a guide to the program and fun activities to encourage their classes to think about conservation.

Beyond the Pennies for the Planet campaign, Together Green’s Action Center has tips to help folks start living more sustainably! The Eco Personality Profile might be a fun way for parents and children to explore ways that they can take action together. You can also check out their events section for local volunteer opportunities.

I just love when a group helps kids establish habits early on like living sustainably and volunteering! Environmentally conscious kids grow into environmentally conscious adults. Cheers to Together Green for encouraging children to grow up green!

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