How to Find Green Businesses with Your Phone

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GPS enabled phones such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry have made getting around so much easier, and in the case of geocaching, more fun. But what if you’re a green minded individual, in a city you’ve never been to before, or even in your own town, and want to know what businesses have got what you want?[social_buttons]

Go get the 3rd Whale app, now up on the iTunes app store or through 3rd Whale’s site, and you can easily do that, right from your iPhone, soon to be followed by the other popular platforms. This is built on their already popular web based database of food, retail, ecotourism, business services, transportation, and spa/fitness businesses, currently in over 100 cities, with the option for you to add ones you find/are the owner of as well.

The mobile component is currently active in San Francisco, Vancouver, San Jose, Seattle, and Portland. With it, you can search by proximity or type of business. Once there, you can rate the greenness of it. (A bit limited, I’d like more then just a star, or in their case whale rating) Come across something that’s not on there? You can add it right then. Find something that’s spammy or offensive? You can let 3rd Whale know, improving the quality and integrity of the listings.

Expanding beyond this service, they have an engaging Youtube channel and a fun Campaigns section where you can learn how they’ve successfully advocated for sustainable sushi, top green activists for 2008, and more.

So, is your business on there yet? Go fix that, now!

Readers: Where are you getting your community based green business info? Used 3rd Whale yet? Please share, below.


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