A New Resource On How to Start a Green Business

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Here at Ecopreneurist, we believe in the power of sharing and building upon our resources and knowledge, so that everybody has a chance to accelerate the expansion of the launching of green businesses, and the effective, useful greening of what’s already here.

So it was a pleasure to learn about startingupgreen.com. Spearheaded by Glenn Croston, scientist, entrepreneur, and frequent contributor to Fast Company magazine, he’s created a site where would be ecopreneurists can learn from those currently succeeding at it, like Lyndon Rive, CEO of Solar City, the company taking residential solar much closer to the masses. [social_buttons]

Recently launched is a forum component, where there’s sections on going green in a down economy, low cost startups, and opportunities in the energy sector. Their opportunities section offers many interesting possibilities you may not have even considered before.

OnlyGreen4Me which gives you the ability to have a fully functioning green goods store, with geographic specific territories, able to be either a standalone business, or integrated into what you already have online.

Glenn is also the author of 75 Green Businesses You Can Start. I know, my eyes started reflexively rolling when I saw this, until I read the testimonial of someone I know personally, Eric Corey Freed, aka the Organic Architect. So I gave it a deeper look, and it seems like a well structured, idea and inspiration encourager in those that would read it.

While this is an early stage site with room to grow, improve, and become a more robust offering, there are several gems to be found here.

Readers: What are your favorite resources for starting, supporting, and growing a green business?


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