Essentia Natural Memory Foam: Everyone Deserves Healthy, Clean Sleep

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Jack, Essentia's FounderThe first time I slept on a memory foam mattress, I was in heaven. When it was time to buy a new bed, I was thrilled to find out about a new green company called Essentia, who makes the only natural memory foam mattresses on the market. Most memory foam mattresses are made of petroleum products, which are not only harmful to the environment, they’re unnatural and unhealthy. I want my bed to be a place of sanctuary and rest, not a chemical-laden nest of disease! Luckily, Essentia makes it possible to sleep healthy and green without sacrificing comfort or quality.

My Essentia mattress arrived in a much smaller box than I was expecting, due to their sustainable shipping efforts. The mattresses are compressed and rolled so they will take up less space on shipping trucks. But this is just the beginning of Essentia’s environmental commitment:

At Essentia, we fully understand the responsibilities of being a manufacturer in today’s society. That’s why we develop and manufacture products that produce 93% less waste during production than most mattress manufacturers. Derived from renewable resources, our 100% biodegradable memory foam are good for both the environment and consumer health.

From their clean manufacturing process designed to reduce waste to their wind-powered web hosting, it’s obvious that Essentia is committed to sustainability. I can sleep much better at night knowing my purchase supports such a responsible green company, though I’m sure the comfortable, pillowy memory foam has a lot to do with it!

When I inquired to write about Essentia, I was sent straight to the top and spoke with Jack, the company’s founder. Jack’s business idea didn’t come from a desire for profit and prestige, but out of concerns about human health. He became aware of all the toxic substances in everyday items like microwaves, beds, and floors after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. His family was in the latex foam business, and he wanted to make a better product after finding there were no alternatives to toxic petroleum-based memory foam. And so Essentia was born.

Jack’s main motivation is producing a safe, healthy, and natural product for the benefit of his customers. He believes everyone deserves healthy sleep, and is proud to offer the healthiest products available at every price point. When I asked what makes Essentia green, Jack mentioned their manufacturing process, which uses no petroleum, no toxins, no pollution, no adhesives, and no waste. Essentia’s mattresses are molded so that 100% of the raw materials are used, in contrast to regular memory foam, which is made by gluing together layers of foam that are cut to shape, creating waste. This process leads to healthier sleep and a low environmental impact that is truly revolutionary in the mattress industry.

Jack said his favorite thing about being a green business owner is that he can feel good about what he does because he’s leaving a better planet for his son and family. He is excited about the future possibilities for Essentia in a greener world, as the company has grown by leaps and bounds so far.

If you’re in the market for a more comfortable and green sleeping experience, I highly recommend a memory foam mattress from Essentia. There is certainly a lot to learn from an ecopreneur like Jack!


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