Naturally Successful: Entrepreneurship that Redefines the Bottom Line – DVD Review

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“We need solutions at the speed of business,” says Hunter Lovins, author, speaker and founder of Natural Capital Solutions in the Naturally Successful DVD, produced by Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., known for its award-winning videos on sustainability used by organizations around the world.

Naturally Successful is an expertly assembled compilation of inspiring interviews of the leading visionaries giving a voice to the emerging green ECOnomy and the businesses that are in the business of remaking the world for the better. The release of this video couldn’t be better timed as millions of Americans explore ways to prosper despite the economic downturn.

“Build your business around your calling,” continues Lovins, who like the many leaders featured in the DVD, recognize opportunities for enterprising ecopreneurs to solve the most pressing problems now facing us, turning some profits in the process while achieving a happier, more fulfilling life. “We’re not in a sprint. We’re in a marathon to save the world…What is it that you love to do? How do you make a business of it?” asks Lovins.

To grasp the scale of the sustainability movement afoot and harness ideas to guide your green business, this 78 minute DVD offers insights on what being an ecopreneur is all about with a focus on building a values-driven business, providing meaningful leadership, achieving results beyond profits, serving customers, thinking long-term, seizing opportunities in new and existing markets, creating a thriving business and embracing a new type of commerce that seeks to make the world a better place. Interviews are woven together like a well-made life raft for anyone setting out to launch a green business that thrives with a triple bottom line.

The eleven tightly edited and lively interviews in Naturally Successful feature:

• Mark Albion, Founder of Net Impact and Social Venture Network
• Susan Anderson, Director of Portland Office of Sustainable Development
• Christopher Flavin, President of Worldwatch Institute
• Warren Flint, President of Five E’s Unlimited
• Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic Inc.
• Van Jones, President of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
• Hunter Lovins, Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions
• Michael Shuman, V.P. of Training & Development Corp.
• Dennis Wilde, Principal at Gerding Edlen Development
• Bob Willard, CEO of Sustainability Advantage
• Marsha Williard, CEO of AXIS Performance Advisors

The perspectives captured in this DVD depart from a business as usual approach to running a business. There’s Bob Willard of the Sustainability Advantage, who points out that “profits are not the purpose of doing business.” Rather it’s about solving problems and serving customers, like farmers who are in the business of growing food or fiber, and a photovoltaic module manufacturer that is in the business of providing renewable energy.

Running a green business can be transformational and essential to restoring our planet in peril. We need a nation of ecopreneurs, now more at any other time in human history. Admits Mark Albion, “The biggest risk in life is not living your life.” Naturally Successful provides just the right recipe for charting your own enterprising path in a greener, healthier, tomorrow.


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