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EcoBrain is a digital publishing business that provides sustainability content while reducing their impact on the environment.

Acutely aware of the staggering production costs and environmental impact of traditional publishing, Angela Wieck and Staley Krause, two green living enthusiasts and earth-friendly role models for their children, conceptualized Ecobrain in April 2008.  Publishing is not an easy business but with Ecobrain’s eBook format, new publishers can produce and publish their material much more quickly, cheaply and profitably.


EcoBrain targets a LOHAS minded audience. As a family company they focus heavily on teachers, parents and teens, although they are open to various categories of content.

Books With A Green Living Focus

EcoBrain is all about green living content. With both older as well as more recent titles, they seek to educate people about earth friendly philosophies.

Even their fiction titles have a sustainability focus. For example, one youth fiction offering, Gaia Girls Enter the Earth by Lee Welles is billed as “Fiction with a Mission.” It is about Elizabeth, a ten-year-old girl who lives on a thriving farm and her adventure with a talking otter that claims to be Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Gaia teaches Elizabeth how to travel through trees and listen to the voices in the earth guiding her through a personal and profound journey towards saving the Earth from the ravages of humans. The supernatural adventure seeks to convert young readers to an ecologically green philosophy.

A Solution For Publishers and Authors

EcoBrain works with a variety of publishers, large and small.  The process is simple. If a publisher already has the book in digital format then they can upload it to the EcoBrain site with an easy upload tool.  Alternatively, EcoBrain will digitize the book for publishers. Since each publisher is unique EcoBrain will customize service as appropriate.

Although EcoBrain typically works with publishers as they hold the rights to books.  However if publishers do not represent authors then EcoBrain is happy to work directly with them too.

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