Who’s Into Eco Travel?

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I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not with the results of a recent survey by Responsible Travel. If you’re not familiar with this website and you’re planning a vacation, here’s a little bit about them from their site.

Since 2001, we’ve been handpicking inspiring holidays from all over the globe to give you a fantastic experience and make a real difference to local people and the environment. We were the first people to link up travelers and responsible operators and places to stay in this way, and still offer the largest selection of responsible holidays anywhere on the web!

A recent survey they conducted found that women were more likely than men to book an eco vacation.

The study revealed over two thirds (67%) of people who booked one of Responsible Travel’s ethical holidays online were women.

Not to be too hasty, the folks at responsible travel are quick to mention that:

… this doesn’t necessarily mean that women are necessarily more environmentally-savvy than men when it comes to travel, it may be just because they’re normally the ones who organize vacations.

This squares with travel industry statistics that show that 70% of all travel decisions are made by women.

So what does this mean for the ecopreneurial travel company?

Travelers more and more frequently are looking for eco destinations and eco adventures.

And because eco travel statistics closely mirror the mainstream of the industry, it seems clear that it makes sense to target the same demographics, in terms of gender, that the traditional travel agency does.

This has not always been true for adventure and eco travel companies which have focused on the male market but…going forward that might be a mistake.

Almost 40% of the women in the Responsible Travel survey booked trips to travel alone and… Of those who currently take nature, adventure or cultural trips, 75% are women.

Who are these women? According to Women Travel Tips

Now we know that the average adventure traveler is not a 28-year old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress.

Something to think about as you develop your next product offering or promotional campaign.

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