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It’s Harvest Time, UW-Madison-Style

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Jeff Miller at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.)Volunteers with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s F.H. King Students of Sustainable Agriculture have begun the fall harvest at their 30,000-square-foot organic plot on campus. The green beans are coming in and more crops are on their way until the end of the growing season.

The F.H. King group, which has been around since 1979, does a lot more than a little gardening, though. It also offers workshops, lectures and other programs aimed at improving “knowledge and policies relating to sustainable agriculture in our community.”

What does that mean? Check out some of the workshops the group has offered in the past: organic pest management, vegan chocolate, raw foods, composting/compost-bin construction and — here’s one that should attract even some non-ag-minded college students’ attention — beer brewing. The group’s also got future plans for new workshops on home canning, cover cropping, bee keeping and mead making.

Pretty cool — and increasingly useful, considering our world’s current shaky state of affairs — stuff to know.

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