Urban Farming With a Twist: No Labor Required!

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My Farm urban farming san franciscoLiving in the city, it’s natural that your thoughts may turn at one point or another to daydreaming about having your own produce generating garden. But then they just as quickly get tossed in the mental recycling bin as an impossibility. Or maybe not, but with your erratic schedule, it sits there, limping along. Maybe you’ve been wanting to participate in an urban farm or a community garden , but there again, your life gets in the way. My Farm in San Francisco has come up with a solution: They partner with you to cultivate a specified plot of land in your own yard, from as small as 4′ by 4′ to as big as your whole yard. And the deal maker? You don’t have to do any gardening yourself!

My Farm does all the work, and depending on how much your garden produces, you can get a box of goodies weekly, and also have My Farm chefs make a fresh food feast out of what you and others produce. And what if you don’t have a back yard? The garden’s collective harvest exceeds the needs of the garden owners, so My Farm provides CSA style veggie boxes as well.

While this is all a lovely idea, their intention here is beyond that. We live in a world today where fuel is becoming increasingly expensive, and the cost of transporting produce, both environmental and economic, is likewise increasing. This has already begun to make some food cost prohibitive to the daily needs of people. What needs to happen is that we become better able to meet our needs, locally, without depending on large farms and distribution networks to get it to us.

While such ideas as vertical farming are a potential solution, they are, for the most part theoretical and would require a dedicated political and financial will to bring about, so they cannot, for the moment, be seen as way to meet our needs in the immediate future.

So the next time you look at your backyard filled with Dandelions and Creeping Charlies think about the possibilities. What can you do in your city to feed yourself and your community?

Readers: Please share your successes and ideas about how to meet our community’s food needs, whether it be produce, other staples, etc.

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