Don’t Bank On Green Banking – 75% of Customers Still Get Paper Statements

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piggy-bank.jpgA recent report from Javelin Strategy & Research found out that customers really like the idea of green banking. Forty-three percent of consumers said they are more likely to do business with companies they perceive to be green. But….three out of four consumers STILL receive paper statements. Hmmmm.

While sales of organic food, eco automobiles and natural beauty products are skyrocketing, for most folks, banking is business as usual. Yes, over 1/3rd of banking customers use online banking, it’s seems it’s hard to let go of those paper statements, checks and receipts.

As you work to make your business more eco, banking may be one place to start. Save time, money and the planet with these easy steps.

1. Turn off paper statements. This is the easiest and most widely available way to make an immediate, substantial impact on your carbon footprint and lower your risk of identity fraud.

2. Switch to direct deposit. Cut off the paper trail that goes along with depositing paychecks. Bonus: In most cases, your money is deposited into your account earlier through direct deposit.

3. Start using online banking. Checking your accounts online is not only convenient, but you can also significantly reduce waste by managing and paying bills online. Bonus: Save money on postage and reduce the possibility of identity fraud.

4. Skip the receipt and deposit envelope. Don’t take a receipt and instead, check your accounts online later or make a note of it immediately in your checkbook. Recently, many banks have installed ATMs that don’t require envelopes for deposits.

5. Try mobile banking. By signing up for mobile banking, you’re likely to cut down on trips to the ATM or local branch, which reduces pollution and saves you money on gas.

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